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At a distance the Basis B1 looks like a chunky digital watch straight out of the 1980s. That's meant as a compliment — there's a retro charm to the B1 that's enhanced by the minimalism of its design. A physical button on the side resets the device (you have to hold it for a good 15 seconds before the device turns off), while the interface is controlled through four touch-sensitive metal pins that frame the display. They're nice and responsive — even when your hands get sweaty — and I liked being able to use discrete buttons rather than poking at a touchscreen of some sort. That said, there's only so much you can do on the watch itself. Along with triggering the backlight or bringing up the date (like any good watch the B1 displays the time by default), you can scroll through three metrics: steps taken, calories burned, and your current heart rate. One word of warning, though: the shiny face of the watch is a lint magnet.
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